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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay, Okay, I'll give you a hint: A glimpse into my new living room

I have been working on how/what to do with my living room (well, all the rooms, but I'm starting there). Although I have been getting some private furniture commission work coming in (Yay!), I'm really not doing too much in the way of design jobs. And really, what do I have to show anyone in respect to my work anyway? So I thought I should start at home. Besides, after I saw this certain episode of Color Splash in which David turned this dark, ugly, nearly unfinished basement den into a "Yaht Club Themed Sensation", I've wanted to come close to the same thing.

I was just going to wait until I was completely finished to even talk about it, then post before and afters and include some inspiration photos. But you know me, I can't keep a secret very well. I get too damn excited. I was so happy with how my bedside table came out, I just HAD to blab about it. But seriously now, I'm keep the rest under wraps. Really. I mean it this time. (Hahaha...)

For lack of better photos to show you of my living room, I share these with you but keep the judgy down to a dull roar. Yes, my Christmas decorations are too busy. Yes the window treatments need an overhaul-it's on the list, and I could list 20 other flaws that I instantly see, we're going to ignore all that. The only thing you're taking away from these photos:

My couch is white
My dog is black
My kid is active
My yard is 3 acres with dirt in it
My garden is massive (which means dirt)
My house has sand dunes across the road

You do the math.

The before living room:

(You get the idea)

For those of you that aren't in the white slip cover club, you're going to want to ask me why I didn't think that white would be hard to keep clean. Well, don't do that. It's not even necessary because I already have the sane reasoning on the ready:

Because I could just take the slipcovers off and wash them! (Every other freaking day)
Because white is so pretty and refreshing! (Sure, when it's white. And even then it gets old)
Because I'm so smart and won't listen to anyone (We've hit the zinger here folks)

Then enters David Bromstad into my life.--->

Dear Lord, 

Why does David Bromstad have to be gay? I mean, first Nate Berkus, now David, can't you let me fall in love with a straight guy that loves interior design?

Lovelorn, Chrissa

Dear Chrissa, 

Hahahahahaah. You're cute.

Peaceout, God.

I totally fell in love with this one room he did. Well, okay, it wasn't a room, it was an entire lower-level den. Navy walls, white wing back chairs, mirrored coffee tables, yellow lucite chairs, navy couch, yellow flowers, ottomans and lamps. It was just crazy inspiring. After searching for days on the web, I finally got off my lazy butt and snatched up screen shots by pausing frames on Hulu. I know, so original, right? ::rolls eyes::

Don't you just love it?

I'm putting my own spin on things. Which means turquoise, duh. The table that I finished isn't even for this room, it's for my bedroom, but I'll share it anyway, you know, to keep you coming back for more.

I think there was a 110% improvement, but then again, I am hella biased because I dig this yellow in such a yoooj way.

Unlike my kid:

B: "So I've noticed a lot of yellow trim and accents lately. I take it your about to redo everything?"
Me: "Very observant. Yes, I'm redesigning my bedroom and the living room and using a lot of yellow accents. It's my new second favorite color"
B: "Yeah, I noticed, about that. Yellow is the color of the glare in a monster's eye. Which means I think it's ugly. Can you not keep using so much of it?"

Alright, that's all I got for now. I'll keep you posted.

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