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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick, someone give me a ladder.

Rose Tarlow isn't really up my alley. She's very rustic and into browns and more earthy elements (I can't decide if I love or hate the ivy on the walls in these shots), however, I adore her furniture choices. The slip covered chairs and sofas, the bookshelves and of course, the tables.

But what I especially love (in any interior designer for that matter) is taking something constructed for one purpose, but then using it for another (better) one.

The bamboo ladder? Love.Love.Love it.

image via Cote de Texas

I want to find an old farm ladder to repaint and ding up as I see fit and hang my design mags from it. I get all excitedy just thinking about it.


  1. Oh, dear, it's lovely!! A friend of mine used to display his magazines like this.

    I didn't know you already have a blog:) xo

  2. I just made it last week lovie :)

    PS-If you have one (Isn't that how I met you?) put a link on my page so I can link it here please :)


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